Features:When you want your personality to shine and be different from the rest, you know that a slim tie can do wonders with your wardrobe. Choose from our selection of slim ties for men that can match your mood. A collegiate plaid style, chic polka dots, plain prints, vibrant stripes, posh geometrical prints and elegant checks. Slim ties are not difficult to match and can be worn in special occasions like weddings, funerals, engagements, outdoor barbecues, conventions, parties, cocktails and at the office.

Texture: Our slim ties are produced in different textures that can be used in all four seasons and occasions. Select from cotton, polyester, knitted polyester, satin polyester, linen, silk, knitted silk and wool which is manufactured in exceptional quality and built to last.

Colours: Our colour selection is wide and boasts from different shades of solid colours ranging from dark hues to pale tones.

Style: Our styles provide two options to choose from. A 7cm blade style or a clip-on for those who prefer convenience.